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TRP (Thermoplastic Reinforced Plywood) films are cutting-edge classes of single or multi-layered plastics, known for their 3-D thermos formable properties. These films offer exceptional bonding strength along with impressive resistance to moisture, heat, and chemicals. This enhances the potential for adhesion in various applications by forming robust chemical bonds with compatible thermoplastic foils on lightweight plywood surfaces.

In a testament to our TRP’s exceptional quality and performance, our TRP films have undergone rigorous testing in accordance with globally recognized standards. These include the exacting standards set by DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung - German Institute for Standardization), the stringent criteria outlined by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and the meticulous requirements of EN (Europäische Norm - European Standard). These comprehensive tests have unequivocally demonstrated our TRP's ability to not only meet but consistently surpass industry benchmarks. 



Sheet Size





2400 X 1200mm

3000 X 1200mm

3mm | 6mm | 9mm | 12mm 15mm | 18mm | 25mm







Interior only

Plywood & MDF

Matching ABS

*Available in both single-sided and double-sided options for your customization needs.

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