Used for the main structure or body of an object, our panelling and lining boards are lightweight, perfect for use of caravans, boats, trains and other projects where excess weight is restricted. These boards are anti-bacterial, easy to clean and durable.


Available in different types of textures, these boards are used for non-structural, interior purposes. It is 3mm in thickness which makes it suitable use for applications including ceiling linings, wall linings and furniture.


TRP (Thermoplastic Reinforced Plywood) films are single or multilayered plastic which are 3-D thermos formable. By using the latest technology and manufacturing of reactive hot melt adhesives, it provides a stronger bond with a superior resistance against moisture, heat and chemicals.


ABS comes with a textured structure. This gives it a unique feature of hiding any minor scratches that can occur during fabrication or use. ABS possesses outstanding impact strength, high mechanical strength and chemical resistance which makes it suitable for extremely tough consumer products.


HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is typically constructed of several layers of kraft paper generally impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resins. The result is a durable surface that has higher level of impact resistance.